Garage Door Repair Katy
Garage Door Repair Katy
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Garage Door Opener

Our company carries the best brands for any chain and screw drive motor, including modern Genie belt drive openers. Our technicians can also handle any opener malfunctions.

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Garage Door Springs

We are the best technicians in Garage Door Springs because we are extensively trained, keep supreme quality repair parts, work with advanced tools and have experience with torsion coil trampoline springs replacement, maintenance and adjustment as well as extension springs repair.

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Garage Doors

We bring our professional knowledge and experience in garage door repair services and along we bring safety to your home

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Garage Door Repair Katy

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This team is an excellent option for people who seek services of garage door repair. This is primarily due to the fact that we are a very good company based in Texas. When you hire us you can be sure that you will get excellent results.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
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Top contractors of roll up garage door installation.

The changing seasons give you plenty of opportunities to make necessary repairs to your garage door and Garage Door Repair Katy can help you do that. These seasonal changes can cause damage to your springs or tracks as they can get wet or compromised. Immediate attention is required at times, forcing you to make the repairs quickly. We can take care of this situation by responding quickly and having the right parts and expertise to make the appropriate repairs.

Garage Door Service

Safety is an important factor when looking for garage door servicing. Whether you need to update an opener or replace an old spring, you want to be sure that your garage door remains safe. We are able to address all residential garage door needs and are close by in your area.

Opener Installation and Repair

Save money todayWe install all parts of the garage door system, including openers. Brands like Liftmaster and Genie have made the opener system even safer than ever before with remote access and monitoring. The latest models of universal garage door openers are designed with extra features such as a backup battery system and powerful motors.

Even if your current garage door system isn’t in need of repair it may be wise to make an update by installing a newer system. The added safety features and improved power in the motors make them a good piece of the system to update. Or perhaps repairs may be needed in your current system. Whatever the case, we can help advise you and then follow through with your decision to install or repair your opener.

Spring Repair

Extension springs and a torsion spring carry the weight of your garage door. The extension springs are on either side of the door and connect with a pulley system that lifts and lowers the door. The torsion spring is above the door, situated on the ceiling, and winds and unwinds in the process of opening and closing the door. The springs are connected with cables, bringing life to otherwise unmoving objects. If any of these parts are damaged then your heavy door can become dangerous. It is important to repair garage door springs and connecting parts immediately.

Servicing Your Area

Our professionals can make repairs, install new parts, and maintain your garage door system. We offer residential garage door repair services in your area and respond quickly to your needs. Though we can special order parts if needed, we have fully stocked trucks so that we can get to you right away. We are located in Texas and can provide fast services for whatever your garage door needs may be.

The functionality of the door depends on a lot of different, important parts. If one of these parts stops working properly then the whole system can stop working.

Keep your garage door openers and springs in good working condition by calling Garage Door Repair Katy for fast service. We can help with your garage door repairs today.


Garage Door Repair Katy

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