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Get the best results with these garage door repair tips. The experts reach out to the market.

  • Get an electric opener with battery backup so you can open the door during power outage.

    It’s a fact of life that whenever power is out you will feel the strongest urge to jump in the car, open the garage door, and back the car out to go somewhere more comfortable. You can do that automatically during a power outage if your opener has a backup battery.

  • Do not set the opener to open too far.

    The open level control on the opener should be set to lift the door until its bottom is near the level of the opener and without pulling the arm bracket all the way to the opener. Opening too far puts excessive wear on the motor which would shorten the life of the opener.

  • Replace Springs When Needed

    Garage door springs are important for the movement and overall functionality of your door. However, they do not last forever and require replacements over time. If you notice that the springs have gone old and have lost its flexibility, it would be best to replace it immediately.

  • Apply lubricants to cleaned components

    It's important to spray lubricants on cleaned garage door parts or the oil will mix with old lubricant residues and dust and movement will become very stiff. In this case, you will just manage to make things worse instead of facilitating the rolling of the door and so it's best to remove grime and dirt before lubrication maintenance.

  • Install windows on panels

    Garage door windows are an excellent idea to increase the curb appeal of your house, bring some light in the garage and make this area a healthier place, where you can spend more time without consuming energy. Prefer aluminum frames and double glass panels for greater insulation.

  • Keep remote controls away from kids

    The garage door clicker is recently substituting the house keys. It's the basic tool with which you open the garage door and if it's lost or ruined, you will have significant problems. Kids ought to stay away from them because they really enjoy playing with the moving door. These games have led to many accidents since kids like to speed under the door which may result in them getting hurt.

  • How to paint the door properly

    It's good to clean the door before you paint it, cover some garage door parts and scrub off residue from the old painting. Use sand paper to make the surface smooth. It's important to apply a special overlay first that will keep the door resistant to elements. It's also good to apply a prime before the final color, so that it will last longer.

  • Replacing Damaged Sections vs. a Whole Door:

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    If your door has suffered damage from a low impact, you should assess the benefits of replacing one or two sections against the cost of a whole new door. Garage Door Repair Katy advises that additional panels could be readily available and easy to replace. However, if you have an older door you may have difficulty obtaining a match which may make it more cost effective to replace the whole thing.

    The problem is that people may change a dented panel but they hardly think of garage door opener replacement. The truth is that new genie openers offer great capacities since they all come with backup batteries and may be supplemented with safety features. You can choose a timer to close the door, if it's forgotten open, and you would also have the chance to operate the system from afar with devices such as a tablet or smartphone. When you upgrade the opener often and rely on good remote controls or keyless systems, you can be sure of your safety but you must also remember that openers need to be maintained and repaired regularly, too, in order to ensure good operation and safe access.

  • Choosing a Garage Door to Withstand Severe Weather:

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    Although standard garage doors can withstand a number of adverse weather conditions including rain, frost and winds, if you live in a geographical area which experiences very severe adverse weather, you may need a non-standard door. Try to look for a garage door which has been constructed with additional steel reinforced struts and upgraded components including the rollers, tracks and springs. Today, there are garage doors, which are made to resist not only fierce weather but also hurricanes. Make sure the opener has enough horsepower to activate the system even in strong winds and it would be a good idea adding safety cables, which would hold springs from breaking during heavy storms.

    If you have glass doors, you need to make sure of the strengths of their frame. It would be actually wise to insulate or get energy efficient panels if you are thinking of garage door panel replacement. You can find excellent choices and experts would give you estimates about different insulated materials. Just remember that the indication of the r-value must be as high as possible and the material would also be of great importance depending on the local climate.

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