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Basic Garage Door Pointers

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Basic Garage Door Pointers

Our professional garage door technicians want to help you in any way they can. That's why we decided to create this informative tips page. Take a look at the list below to increase your knowledge about automatic overhead door systems and how they work.

Consider switching to the convenience of a "smart" opener

If you are tired of constantly misplacing your garage door opener remotes, or you'd like every member of your family to be able to use it without having to carry a physical remote with them, consider getting an opener with smartphone compatibility. This will allow you to open and close your door using an app, and you'll be able to do away with the outdated remote control.

Do not set the opener limit to open too far

The opener level control should be set to lift the door until its bottom is near the level of the opener, without pulling the arm bracket all the way to the opener. Opening too far puts excessive wear on the motor which would shorten the life of the unit.

Replace your springs when worn

Garage door springs are important for the overall movement and functionality of your door. However, they do not last forever and will require replacement after years of use. If you notice that your springs are losing their tension and flexibility, it's best to get them replaced before they fail completely.

Apply lubricant to the moving parts but clean them first

It's important to spray lubricant on moving garage door parts after you've cleaned them or the oil will mix with old lubricant residues and dust, causing movement to become stiff. In this case, you'll make things worse instead of facilitating functionality.

How to paint your door properly

It's good to clean the door thoroughly before you paint it.  Then, use sandpaper to make the surface smooth. It's important to apply a special overlay first that will keep the door resistant to elements. It's also good to apply a primer before the final color, to help it stick and last longer.

Can your garage door withstand severe weather?

Although standard garage doors can withstand a number of adverse weather conditions including rain, frost, and wind, if you live in a geographical area which experiences severe adverse weather, you may need a non-standard door. If this is you,  try to look for a garage door which has been constructed with additional steel reinforced struts and upgraded components. You should also make sure the opener has enough horsepower to activate the system even in strong winds. Lastly, it would be a good idea to add safety cables to prevent the springs from breaking during heavy storms.


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