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Garage Door Repair Katy
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New belt drive installed perfectly

“Our old chain drive was making a racket every time we opened or closed the garage door. It was driving us mad so we wanted a professional to come and replace it with a new drive that would be much quieter. The technician you sent explained the options to us very clearly and we certainly appreciated his superior knowledge and suggestions. The belt drive he installed for us to replace the old one is amazing. It's so very quiet and smooth! We wish we would have done this sooner. Thank you!”


My door works perfectly now with new sensors!

"I was having a problem trying to figure out why my garage door would sometimes work and at other times would not work at all. The technician from this company came straight out after my call and was very quick, bright, honest, efficient, very knowledgeable and a lot of other really great adjectives that I'm trying to come up with as I type this. In other words, he really knew what he was doing. He explained that I needed to keep the sensors in good condition because if they're not, their operation won't be dependable. He replaced my old sensors with a new improved version and now my door works perfectly every time!"

Chuck Kramer


Garage Door Repair Katy

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